It’s going to be one of those days…

cakeIt took  me many weeks to get a GP appointment avoiding ‘that’ doctor avoided by everyone unless they are desperate…

So… when I arrive at the surgery only to be informed that  the GP I had booked with was off sick – and off course her list has been transferred to Doc Doom – who always has room exactly  because that Doc is avoided by everyone unless they are desperate…   I was not happy – especially as this exact same thing happened last time I went there. But  the receptionist got me onto another list. Okay – panic over.

Once in the surgery  the  GP  tells me I may  have wheat intolerance – “so  try a wheat free diet for a few weeks” he says…  this after I had taken  a granary loaf from the bread maker before leaving the house!


Not a happy bunny – but hey ho – I went to get a few essentials at Morrisons, including a bag of Spelt flour for the wheat free diet.

All was fine as I went into the Post Office to get phone top ups at the news counter.  Oh – no they say – this card won’t work on the newsagent department’s machine you’ll have to go and queue at the Post Office counter.

Having queued (as you do) I picked my shopping bag up  to move to the counter – and the handle on the bag broke and the bag fell a max. two feet to the floor. I was very good – I merely said ‘Oh frig’, tied the handle up and went on.

Got home to find that the tub of  Greek Yoghurt I had bought myself as a treat  had split – and the only item it had spoiled? You guessed it – my brand new bag of Spelt Flour…

One of those days when I just should  not have got out of bed…

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