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Sugar is Hidden

blueberryyog465x280.jpgThe sugar tax on drinks comes in today – but it is a given that sweet drinks have a lot of added sugar.  Ditto cakes, biscuits, chocolate and other ‘treats’

So what about those hidden sugars? Continue reading


BFree Pittas and Wraps

bfree-pittaHaving only recently mentioned the demise of the Tesco Free From Pitta Breads I came across BFree Breads.

These are quite palatable. They have a good flavour and are not ‘rice flour gritty’.   Makes a reasonable sandwich and has sufficient structural integrity to take a moist filling without getting soggy too quickly.  8/10

Downside: a little on the thin side so that when opening them up as a pocket it is very easy to inadvertently cut through the sides.

bfree_wrapsThey are in many ways very similar in flavour and texture to the BFree Wraps. I am not sure how good that is. I did find the wraps a little rubbery but better than some make of rice-based wraps which have a tendency to crumble. 8/10

Good and Thin

The sanidshot_540x540dwich ‘thins’ from the Tesco Free From range are not bad at all. Probably one of the closest approximations to ‘proper’ bread that I have found yet.

These have a good flavour, decent texture and keep for several days.  They also freeze well and maintain all the above qualities provided they are used quite quickly after defrosting; though of course that is the case with most baked products. Continue reading

It’s going to be one of those days…

cakeIt took  me many weeks to get a GP appointment avoiding ‘that’ doctor avoided by everyone unless they are desperate…

So… when I arrive at the surgery only to be informed that  the GP I had booked with was off sick – and off course her list has been transferred to Doc Doom – who always has room exactly  because that Doc is avoided by everyone unless they are desperate…   I was not happy – especially as this exact same thing happened last time I went there. But  the receptionist got me onto another list. Okay – panic over. Continue reading

Something Fishy

imagesWe pick bottles shampoo and gels and other cosmetics off the shelves and worry about e numbers and palm oil and alike. But for some of us there are other hidden factors.

I have a severe fish allergy, which you would think is no huge problem in the scale (!) of things.

Avoid eating fish or seafood – job done. Continue reading

Everything Is Going Swimmingly

It was in the new year that I promised myself I would start a new weekly swim regime.   True to my pledge I did I finally got around to it ….  tile 1 Continue reading

Nil Desperandum!

I went to a party on Sunday and had a great time. Having ME and Fibromyalgia does mean that such things always take their toll but I love going out to meet friends. Nothing like a party to feel alive!
This illness has been hanging around me like a spectre for the best part of ten years, and a few years ago it had got to a point where it was hard (if not impossible) to leave the house without the aid of sticks.

I had a long chat after the event on Sunday with an old friend who remembers me struggling all those years ago.  He asked how I had managed to bring about a cure, and the truth is I haven’t. I did have a long chat some time ago with another mutual friend –  someone else suffering similar problems – who made me see that nil desperandum is not just a saying. There is nothing to be despaired of. That if you allow a condition to define you then you are no longer you. Continue reading