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Lazy Madonna? #FacePalm #beatles #overheard

Writers are nosy beasts by nature, so listening in on other conversations in public spaces is a given.   Mostly it is snippets. Those ‘And I said to her…’ moments. All grist to the writing mill.

Now and then you get to hear a whole conversation and very very occasionally you feel compelled to step in because you can stand it no  longer.

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When Gremlins Attack

gremLast weekend was a gremlin-fuelled rolling catalogue of things ‘going wrong.’ None of the things going awry were life-threatening, but thoroughly exasperating when they ran into each other like a flock of myopic chickens!

It began on Saturday morning when the silver chain that I wear at all times got caught on the corner of a kitchen cupboard and the catch (on the chain) snapped in half. It is one of those things that I feel lost without so a small string of expletives followed, but as Peter and I were mid-clean in preparation for a house viewing I put the pieces in a safe place and carried on; fully intending to go back and repair it later. Continue reading

Ms Magneto – Killing the Till

hazard Dropped in to Tesco for a few bits and pieces and decided that as it was busy and there were queues  it would be quicker to use the self-service checkout.

How wrong could I be.

The first four items refused to scan for me; ‘unknown item in the baggage area’, each time requiring the staff member to come and reset it. Continue reading


With winter well under way there is little colour in the garden but indoors is rather a different matter. I have south facing windows that seem to be perfect for orchids and I take full advantage of it. Continue reading

Oddness #Skyr

I have often bemoaned the demise of the unsweetened fruit yoghurts available in the 60s/70s.  Almost all modern products are sickly sweet. Doubly so with many ‘free’ varieties that merely replace the bucket load of sugar with artificial sweeteners that to me at least taste as sweet and then some!

When Skyr came about I thought ‘yay’ …  but without wishing to be boring … Apple, Carrot & Ginger?

Having sampled this I think it might be termed ‘interesting’ … but the jury is out on whether I would repeat the  experience. I liked its fresh, tangy tones but something in the mix gave an odd aftertaste.

Image result for skyr carrot

I have yet to sample the Rhubarb & Beetroot still sitting in the fridge.Image result for skyr beetroot

Maybe I am old fashioned  but thus far  I prefer the Blueberry or Raspberry Skyr 🙂

Christmas Revenge…

I saw this meme today that reminded me of the battle my dad waged with his sister overfrov who could buy the worst (from parents POV) xmas gifts for my cousin and my brothers respectively.




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Miss Dilly & Co – smells

dilly-queen-smallOberon goes walkabout most evenings for two or three hours.  Continue reading