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A day off

Day off from the kitchen mayhem today.  Went shoppingm and yes we bought food – but also a rather lovely white camelia.  Large specimen that will look gorgeous in our courtyard garden. And from Morrisons in Festival Park of all places!  Just stood it in the blue pot for now to stop it getting blown over whilst  I decide its final spot. Lots of buds on it ready to flower.



Having shopped – and as we have no means of cooking – we decided to have lunch at the Toby, but were a little early so went for a stroll along the canal.  Spring is well under way judging by the bird life.  Some very vocal Canada Geese along the towpath – and one rather wild fight!  They kept this up for a long while – beaks clamped on each other’s necks and much bashing and battering with wings.



New Kitchen: End of Day One

Day one of the great Kitchen Rejuvination and lots of noise as the kitchen fitters ripped out the old kitchen units etc.

In so doing they found no less then three different layers of flooring, which explains why the back door ‘dragged’ and the floor level was a good 1.5 inches higher than parquet in the hallway. But underneath it all was a rather nice herringbone pattern quarry tile floor. True it needs some repair in one section but if we can get matching tiles it will look rather good!
Yes its still covered in guck – but no cleaning until after the plasterers have been.


day 1 c

day 1 b

Then there are the walls – which in places had three layers of tiles stick on top of each other.  Note – the multiple floor coverings had trapped damp – hence a rather dark patch in the corner. Bleach to the ready!

In places the remanants of multiple layers of paper – most painted over, but the remains of one funky 70s style horror  is still in evidence.


Our old kitchen now lays in ruins in the back yard awaiting the tip!.



Cats hate noise and our three reacted in typical fashion. Oberon and Betty Poop retreated to the back bedroom. Miss Dilly, of course, was on the case, running to the top of the stairs to peer down in the direction of all the racket and then running back to me to tell me there are noisy people inthe house and would I kindly tell them to shut up!

It is quiet now and instead of a kicten we have an empty space.

And our treat for tomorrow?

The Electrician cometh!!

Of Dog Food and Candle Wax

dog bYou know how it is – somebody mentions a particular subject on Facebook or Twitter, which sparks that domino effect of comments, which often stray off topic, interweaving with the original post but following trains of thought from a dozen, two dozen and more people.

You watch the thread build and add to the chatter but in your head the memories are sparked of things only related to the subject by tenuous fibres of thought. It is the catching those thoughts that can be essential to a writer. Continue reading

Let There Be Light… #christmastrees #christmaslights

fibre-optic-treeOurs is not a house where decorations are gone into in any great quantity but I do usually stretch to a tree and a few bits and bobs.

The tiny fibre-optic tree in the dining toom was simple – out of the box and plug it in.

Then came the front room – something more of a mission. But as it was a cold day and Yule is just 11 days away it seemed as good a time as any to deck the halls. I had tested both sets of tree lights a couple of days ago. Both worked so I didn’t buy any more whilst we were out shopping yesterday. This afternoon when I got them all out I tested them again.

All was well… Continue reading

A little rant

Whilst shopping today in the local high st  what can only be described as an ear splitting wail of sheer despair rose up above the crowd. It was a chilling sound that brought the street almost to a standstill as we all searched for the source of that heart-rending cry.

Some distance away, across the main square, a young woman was fleeing from the bank (?- may have been a shop), with a handful of papers, yelling  at the top of her lungs in obvious distress. She scuttled across the square and into an alleyway between shops on the far side, but her anguish could still be heard quite plainly. This was a full scale melt-down in progress.

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Short changed or over charged?

I dropped into the local unisex hairdresser today to enquire about the price of a haircut.

The prices on the door were ambiguous – quoting at least five totals for a ‘hair experience’. That phrase alone should have rung warning bells!  This is a shop, I might add, which seldom appears to have customers when I walk past.)But as it is local I thought I’d give it a try – support local businesses.

Me: Hello. How much do you charge for a dry cut?
Proprietor: That would be £25.
Me: For a dry cut?
P: Well… £20?
Me: How much do you charge men for a dry cut?
P: £12.5o if its me – or £9.00 if its the trainee.
Me: Why the big difference?
P: … er… well women’s hair takes longer.
Me: A dry cut should be the same surely?
P: (looking bewildered) well… no. Women’s hair takes longer.
Me: Okay. Thank you…  (*leaves without making an appointment)

I don’t mind paying £20 if that is what the haircut costs at that establishment.  But being charged around twice the amount for the same service purely on the basis of my gender?

The question that immediately springs to mind is:
Are the men being short changed because the stylist is giving them less time and attention? Or are we women really just being exploited?

Answers on a postcard…

Lazy Madonna? #FacePalm #beatles #overheard

Writers are nosy beasts by nature, so listening in on other conversations in public spaces is a given.   Mostly it is snippets. Those ‘And I said to her…’ moments. All grist to the writing mill.

Now and then you get to hear a whole conversation and very very occasionally you feel compelled to step in because you can stand it no  longer.

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