Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic:2

urban mythic 2 final cover


Tanith Lee – ‘The Mermaid’
K T Davies – ‘For the Memory of Jane’
Adrian Tchaikovsky – ‘Where the Brass Band Plays’
James Brogden – ‘How to Get Ahead in Avatising’
Sarah Ash – ‘La Vouivre’
Pauline E Dungate – ‘Trapped in the Web’
Carl Barker – ‘The West Dulwich Horror’
Marion Pitman – ‘The Cupboard of Winds’
Chico Kidd – ‘Blood*uckers’
Christine Morgan – ‘High School Mythical:Asgard’
Andrew Coulthard – ‘Paradise Walk’
Lou Morgan – ‘Death and the Weaver’

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Edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber
With a cover painting by Edward Mille/ Les Edwards

Murder Mayhem & More

Our stunning bouquet of writers are:

Sarah Ash has been a Francophile for as long as she can remember (and not just for the food, honest!) and loves collecting local stories and legends whenever she is in France. ‘La Vouivre’ grew out of a tranquil holiday spent exploring the Jura a few years ago ‘…it’s a fascinating area.’ Best known for her fantasy series The Tears of Artamon, Sarah is currently at work on the sequel to her latest novel The Flood Dragon’s Sacrifice which was inspired by the myths and legends of Japan.

Carl Barker lives and works in the Scottish Borders, far from the menacing gaze of roguish urban legends. Having said that, he’s planning on heading back to Dulwich again, to check out the latest additions to this year’s Street Art Festival. He thinks it’s probably best to leave his copy of Lovecraft at home though: ‘Don’t want to go starting a barney!’

James Brogden is a part-time Australian who grew up in Tasmania and now lives with his wife and two daughters in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, where he teaches English. His first published short story, ‘The Pigeon Bride’, won a competition in The Big Issue to find a ‘modern midlands fable’, and since then his urban fantasy fiction has appeared in various anthologies such as the British Fantasy Society’s Dark Horizons, Anachron Press’ Urban Occult, Fringeworks’ Weird Trails, and the Alchemy Press’ Ancient Wonders and Urban Mythic. He was a winner of Den Of Geek’s first talent showcase with his story ‘The Phantom Limb’. In 2012 his first novel, the Birmingham-based The Narrows, was published by Snowbooks. His latest novel, Tourmaline was released in 2013, and he is currently working on a sequel.

Andrew Coulthard first saw the light of day on the wind-lashed, eastern coasts of Northumbria. He subsequently spent much of his childhood and youth in the craggy shadows of the Scottish Highland Boundary Fault. For the past twenty-four years, however, he has been living in the, occasionally, icy realms north of the land of the Geat’s. His day-job involves coaching business professionals, teaching college courses, and a spot of translation now and then for good measure. When not writing he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring heroic landscapes and surfeits of good food and drink – sometimes all at once.

K T Davies was born in the wilds of Yorkshire. She has earned her life-time membership of Club Nerd due to the vast amount of gaming she does (LRP, tabletop and the computerised variety) as well as a fondness for practicing medieval martial arts. She has fallen down the highest mountain in Taiwan, been taught to wrestle by ‘Crybaby’ Jim Breaks and has been stabbed in a knife fight, but not all at the same time.

Pauline E. Dungate lives in Birmingham and is the author a number of short stories that have appeared in places such as The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders and The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2. She is a prolific reviewer (under the name of Pauline Morgan) and has been on the juries for the Arthur C Clarke Award, the BFS awards and the Rubery Book Award. She also writes poetry and has been short-listed for the Birmingham Poet Laureateship three times. In her spare time she may be found in the garden, or travelling to exotic places like Papua New Guinea or Armenia in search of butterflies to photograph. On these trips she takes her husband with her.

Chico Kidd’s ghost stories have been published in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Her first novel, The Printer’s Devil, was reprinted in 2012. Subsequently she has been busy with the Da Silva sequence of tales. Demon Weather, the first such novel, was published in 2012 and the second, The Werewolf of Lisbon, is due out. She is the author of numerous chapbooks and two story collections, Summoning Knells and (in collaboration with Rick Kennett) No. 472 Cheyne Walk. Chico was born in Nottingham, and now lives, writes and paints in west London.

Tanith Lee was born in 1947. She learnt to read at age eight and started to write by age nine. Around age 20 she had three children’s books published and by 26 she broke into professional ‘writerism’ thanks to DAW books in the USA. Tanith has since published about 90 novels and collections and almost 330 short stories. She has won many awards; at age 62 she was made a Grand Master of Horror and at 66 she received the Life Achievement Award. Tanith is married to writer/artist John Kaiine. They live with cats near the sea.

Edward Miller is the pseudonym of Les Edwards, a multi-award winning British artist known for creating pictures with immediate eye-catching impact. He has worked for major UK and US publishers over a 40-year career. His work is seen on books, magazines, advertising, gaming, CD covers and movie posters. He works in oil but paints in acrylics as Edward Miller.

Christine Morgan works the overnight shift in a psychiatric facility, which plays havoc with her sleep schedule but allows her a lot of writing time. A lifelong reader, she also reviews, beta-reads, occasionally edits and dabbles in self-publishing. Her other interests include gaming, history, superheroes, crafts, cheesy disaster movies and training to be a crazy cat lady.

Lou Morgan’s first novel, Blood and Feathers, was published by Solaris Books in 2012 and the follow-up, Blood and Feathers: Rebellion, in 2013. Her first YA novel, Sleepless, will be published by Stripes Books as part of the Red Eye horror series in late 2014. She has been nominated for three British Fantasy Awards (Best Newcomer, and twice for Best Fantasy Novel) and her short stories have appeared in anthologies from Solaris, PS Publishing and Jurassic.

Marion Pitman, a Londoner exiled to Reading, has no car, no television, and no cats. She sells second-hand books online since her shop burned down, and has three unpublished novels. She has had short fiction and poetry published in many magazines and anthologies, most recently Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2, and Rustblind & Silverbright; and poetry in Sein und Werden and Unspoken Water. Her hobbies include watching cricket, folk music, and theological argument. She is indebted for the idea for this story to the late great Paul Jennings, humorist and philosopher, and discoverer of the Loss Force.

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the author of the acclaimed Shadows of the Apt fantasy series, from the first volume, Empire In Black and Gold in 2008 to the final book, Seal of the Worm, in 2014, with a new series and a standalone science fiction novel, Portia’s Children, scheduled for 2015. He has been nominated for the David Gemmell Legend Award and a British Fantasy Award. In civilian life he is a lawyer, gamer and amateur entomologist.

The Editors
Jenny Barber is the co-editor of the Alchemy Press of Ancient Wonders, the Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic and the soon to be published Wicked Women from Fox Spirit Books. Her fiction has been published in various small presses including Fox Spirit Books and Elektrik Milk Bath Press. When not doing any of that, she’s a minion of all trades for the family business and can usually be found wrangling spreadsheets and walking around rented houses talking to herself.

Jan Edwards is the co-editor of the Alchemy Press of Ancient Wonders, the Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic, and Wicked Women from Fox Spirit Books. Her novel Sussex Tales is due from Penkhull Press in 2014 and a collection, Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties, will be out in 2015. Jan also has published a novel under the name Sarah J Graham. She has a passion for folklore, myths and legends which she puts to use in many of her forty published stories; She was short-listed in 2011 for the BFS Award for Best Short Story, and was part of the scriptwriting team for a Dr Who/Reel Time DVD: White Witch of Devil’s End. In civvy-street she has been (amongst other things) a bookseller and master locksmith but is now a Reiki Master, Meditational Healer and Writer.


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