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Kirsty’s Pizza review #glutenfree #food

pizzaFirst thing I need to point out is that this review is my own personal opinion – and now to business.

I never expect a great deal of margherita pizzas – they are the baseline pizza and seldom more than a refuelling exercise – but even by that mark – Kirsty’s Gluten and Dairy Free Margherita Pizza is – in my humble opinion –  the worst I have EVER had.

The topping was totally devoid of discernible flavour and had a nasty slime-texture that stuck to insides of my mouth like… well I would not care make the analogy that springs to mind. Fried wallpaper paste would doubtless have been more appreciated. The only way I was able to remove it was to go and brush my teeth!

As for the base – it was tough and gritty and likewise lacking in taste. Imagine baked cardboard with a hint of budgie-cage sandsheet.

I was tired and I was hungry – I had not eaten all day – but I was only able to eat a quarter of this depressingly small offering before giving up and returning to the 24hr supermarket in search of something edible.

Needless to say Kirsty’s GF Margherita Pizza gets a solid 0/10.


Later Note : the remains were put on the bird table and even our greedy local magpies steadfastly ignored it!




BFree GF Wraps #glutenfree #food

I have tried three gluten free different wraps over the past few weeks from the BFree range and here are my personal thoughts on these products.

Firstly I would say that all three could do with being a little larger, purely in order that a hot of bulky items such as chicken or beef strips can be wrapped more successfully, but that is a small point. Continue reading

Wake Up and Taste the Coffee

Kenco Millicano wholebean instant coffeeI usually buy Kenco Millicano coffee as I like the flavour. For an instant coffee is really isn’t bad.

Image for Nescafe Azera Americano Barista Style Instant Coffee Tin 100g from Sainsbury'sOn the last two shopping trips, however, the only alternative available in the ‘barista’ style instant coffees was Nescafe Azera.

Now I usually boycott Nestle products as a matter of course on moral grounds (as opposed to coffee grounds) but I thought this was a classic Hobsons choice. I was wrong. Going without would have been the wiser option.

I shall be using the cafetierre until further notice.


Sugar is Hidden

blueberryyog465x280.jpgThe sugar tax on drinks comes in today – but it is a given that sweet drinks have a lot of added sugar.  Ditto cakes, biscuits, chocolate and other ‘treats’

So what about those hidden sugars? Continue reading

Pea snacks #glutenfree #lowcal

Image result for aldi pea snacksWhen (for allergy reasons) I went wheat free it was not long before I noticed how wheat-heavy all of our food is when it comes to grabbing a snack on the go.

Added to which, so many wheat free foods (and for the purposes of buying snacks that usually means gluten free) are invariably higher in sugar and fat than other snacks – and thus higher calories.

Aldis have these pea snacks, which are 90 cals per pack and also high in protien so well worth looking at. They come in sweet chilli, sour cream and chives, Malay curry and salt and vinegar flavours.

Verdict: If I am honest they do have a slightly odd after taste and like many GF foods have a tendency to stick around your teeth (sorry if that sounds gross but those of us who are stuck with GF will know how often this is the case with ready-made GF foods).

These snacks are not bad despite that.  They are made from peas and not potatoes after all. And  more importantly – not wheat!

Miss Dilly & Co : British Blue

I may have mentioned before that Miss Dilly is obsessed with Hooman-food.

The sound of the fridge door opening will bring her running every time, because we may possibly be making food of some kind that involves chicken or ham or beef or most especially her favourite Hooman-food of all… cheese! Continue reading

Gluten Free Bread Mix

linseed breadI tried the  Hale & Hearty Organic Light Bread Mix with Golden Linseed yesterday.

Oh dear.

Perhaps other people have fared better with this product but for me it had no redeeming features.

Firstly – the linseed may be golden but the bread was not. Like many GF products the top remained a pasty grey-white. Though when I did manage to prise it out of the high quality non-stick bread pan – with  a lot of effort and a knife (ruining the pan in the process) and the sides and base where a yellow-brown.

The smell was not good. As a farm girl I can say that it reminded of ancient hessian grain sacks – rather dank and musty.

The bread itself was softish when first cooked and when just cooled was almost bread like but quickly hardened into a texture that managed to be both rubbery and crumbly at the same time.

On the following day I thought it might toast. It did not so much as singe in the toaster – just dried out to a damp brick state and the toaster itself had begun to smoke.

I did try to eat it but the smell of damp sacking, which by now also had also taken in a distinct whiff of putty – was off putting.

The entire batch was resigned to the bird table where it has been not just ignored  but actively avoided by the local Jackdaws who will normally try just about anything.

Maybe I was unlucky and had a bad batch but I won’t be trying this product again.