Mab’s Margrave series (TBA)

Urban fantasy series of the Margrave of the Southern Lands! (AKA south coast from Lands End to Dover) Exiled by Mab  for crimes against her court Tara has been given the post of  law keeper amongst the Court’s subjects living in the human world and Diplomatic attache with those supernatural being who are not… This is a punishment! Based in Brighton Tarian (Tara) Meridydd is investigating officer for all law breaking – and some of them are very reluctant to be taken alive or dead.

Books One : (due later in 2020)  Dragon’s Wards – Tara must be both Police Officer and diplomat dealing the Trahern, the self-proclaimed last living Dragon in England. Shenanigans ensue!

Book Two : Down The Well  (2021)

To be updated when publication details are available