The Adventures of Captain Georgi (TBA)

Captain Georgianna Forsythe came out of nowhere and took on an existence of her own!

In the beginning I was asked to write a cosmic horror story, and though there are Lovecraftian elements at play it soon became obvious that her world was far more grounded in swashbuckling, supernatural, folk horror with elements of urban fantasy.

In her alternate 1930s England Cpt Georgi battles the unknown with supernatural powers acquired despite all her best efforts to avoid them, and to date there have been two Cpt Georgi shorts in print.

  1. Keraunophobia’, PhobophobiasWestern Legends Press, 2014. isbn:9781502987785
  2. The Decks BelowTerror Tales of the Ocean, Gray Friar Press, 2015. isbn:978-1906331986
  3. Penumbra Over Millwall’Weirdbook Magazine #44  isbn 978-1479460540

The original story ‘Hand of the Nile’ never made it into print (the small press folded – as can happen when you meddle with the forces of the Old Ones!).  But by popular request I intend to include Cpt G’s genesis as an agent of supernatural forces in a slim volume of connected stories.

‘Tamesis and the God’s Skull‘ and ‘Below the Plimsoll Line’ have been completed, with a further three as yet unnamed stories are in planning.

So be patient you Cpt Georgi fans! At some point ‘The Complete Adventures of Captain Georgi’ will emerge!