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My Authors Electric post for September is now up!

“I am just coming to the end of the editing marathon for my next crime novel In Her Defence, and nervously awaiting final corrections and comments. As always the section that has been poured over and fretted upon is that first chapter. Yes, the end matters almost as mmeerkatuch, but I am very aware, to the point of near paranoia, of the need to start with a hook. Those opening few pages are all important, and increasingly so when so many potential readers will be using the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon to sample your wares. ”  (To read the rest go here)


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Forward: An Insinuation of Shades by David A Sutton
‘Concerning the Events in Leinster Gardens’  (first published – 13 Ghosts of Christmas)
‘The Waiting’ (fp – Write On)
‘Nanna Barrows’ (fp -Dark Horizons #54)
‘April Love’  (fp – Dark Valentine ezine)
‘The Ballad of Lucy Lightfoot’ (fb – Full Fathom Forty)
‘Orbyting’ (fp – Hammer Out Book of Ghosts)
‘R for Roberta’ (fp – Ethereal Tales #12)
‘Redhill Residential’ (fp  – Ghostly Reflections)
‘The Clinic’  (fp – Alt-Dead)
‘Valkenswaard’  (fp – Unspoken Water #2)
‘Wade’s Run’- (fp -Ghostly Refelections)
‘The Eve Watch’ (original)
‘Otterburn’  (short listed for BFA short story) (fp – Estronimicon Magazine)
‘The Black Hound of Newgate’ (fp – The Bestiarum Vocabulum: 2)

Kindle edition of Fables and Fabrications now £1.99! #kindle #shortfiction #bookbargains #folkhorror


‘A Taste of Culture’, Mammoth Book of Dracula, Robinson Press 1997
‘City Canal’ (Villanelle), Whispers in the Wind, Anchor Press 2001
‘Corinna’s Reply’, Salvo 7, CHWG 2003
‘Damnation Seize My Soul’, Dark Currents, Newcon Press 2012
‘Drawing Down the Moon’, Grimorium Verum, Western Leg. 2015
‘Gallery Green’, Terror Scribes, Dog Horn Publishing 2012
‘Green Tea’, Salvo 8, CHWG 2015
‘Grey Magic for Cat Lovers’, New Horizons, BFS 2011
‘Jack Jumps Out of the Box’, Father Grimm’s Story Book, 2012
‘Mayday Springs Askew’, Tales from the Greenmantle 2011
‘Midnight Twilight’, Alt-Zombie, Hersham Horror 2012
‘Old Hat’, Salvo 6 CHWG, 2000
‘Pet Therapy’, Demonologia Biblica, Western Legends 2013
‘Princess Born’, Grimm and Grimmer 1, Fringe Works 2013
‘Thirteenth Day’, Estronomicon, Screaming Dreams 2011
‘Time’s Excuses’, Through Clouds of Despair. Triumph House 2001
‘Wind Blows the Oaks’ Salvo 7, CHWG 2003
‘Winter Eve’, Ethereal Tales 9, Ethereal Tales 2010
‘You And Me Pop’, public performance, Dysprosium, April 2015

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The award-winning crime book Winter Downs is now available on Kindle for the reduced price of £1.99! (click here)

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Rebecca Bradley asked me about books that influenced me.

My answers can be found here

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Misha and I will be chatting about books and writing and 6×6  with Becs and Rob on the Curtain Call show – 6towns radio at around 4.30 today – s0 don’t forget to tune in HERE

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My blog for Authors Electric is up>

“I was recently sent a Q&A interview by a publisher for an upcoming anthology Into the Night Eternal: Tales of French Folk Horror, (which (shameless plug) will include my novellaA Small Thing for Yolanda’). As always that online interview sheet included that old chestnut ‘Which books have influenced your writing the most?’ And, as always, I was at a loss for an answer.

The books that had any effect on us at age four are never going to be the same at age fourteen, or forty-four, or sixty-four.  That said I am not sure that books read in adulthood ever affect us in the same way that they do when we are young…

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