New Kitchen : End of Day Four

That is it for the week – Plasterers have finished their work and it needs to dry out. Fitters will be back on Monday!




New Kitchen : End of Day Three

Today was the plasterers turn. Nice guys who cleared up after them – even mopped the floor even though they will be back to make more mess tomorrow (unlike the sparkies!).

Ugly holes in walls all filled in and next boards to the ceiling



20180321_153108day1 a

Plus the gas fitter checking the gas capping.

Tomorrow the plasterers return (which is a good name for a pub) to finish off and then it will have to dry before the fitters arrive.


Oberon hides beneath the spare bed and Betty Poop is on it. Of Miss Dilly there is no sign!

New Kitchen : End Day Two

Electricians came and went yesterday – leaving wires dangling from the ceiling like liquorice cobwebs,


and strange hieroglyphs in their wake.


Of the floor? Yes it needs repair.


But after a basic clean it is looking quite good.


Today, it seems, we are getting plastered!


New Kitchen: End of Day One

Day one of the great Kitchen Rejuvination and lots of noise as the kitchen fitters ripped out the old kitchen units etc.

In so doing they found no less then three different layers of flooring, which explains why the back door ‘dragged’ and the floor level was a good 1.5 inches higher than parquet in the hallway. But underneath it all was a rather nice herringbone pattern quarry tile floor. True it needs some repair in one section but if we can get matching tiles it will look rather good!
Yes its still covered in guck – but no cleaning until after the plasterers have been.


day 1 c

day 1 b

Then there are the walls – which in places had three layers of tiles stick on top of each other.  Note – the multiple floor coverings had trapped damp – hence a rather dark patch in the corner. Bleach to the ready!

In places the remanants of multiple layers of paper – most painted over, but the remains of one funky 70s style horror  is still in evidence.


Our old kitchen now lays in ruins in the back yard awaiting the tip!.



Cats hate noise and our three reacted in typical fashion. Oberon and Betty Poop retreated to the back bedroom. Miss Dilly, of course, was on the case, running to the top of the stairs to peer down in the direction of all the racket and then running back to me to tell me there are noisy people inthe house and would I kindly tell them to shut up!

It is quiet now and instead of a kicten we have an empty space.

And our treat for tomorrow?

The Electrician cometh!!

Authors Electric post for March

My March post for Authors Electric is up for reading here

Begins: “You know how it is – somebody mentions a particular subject on Facebook or Twitter, which sparks that domino effect of comments, which often stray off topic, interweaving with the original post but following trains of thought from a dozen, two dozen and more people…”

New Kitchen: episode the first

Finally we have the kitchen revamp underway!  Good bye old kitchen.









New kitchen in their boxes await their destiny (whilst clogging up dining room and conservatory.)


A day like any other

I have no strong feelings either way about Mothers’ Day, or Mothering Sunday as it once was, but do feel its maybe getting a little OTT in recent years. I especially feel for those who have lost their mothers, and even more for those who have lost their children when the wall of advertising and social media hits them like  a train every year. Continue reading