domSo … the new year blogging resolution thing has gone south already and I have also been somewhat lax with answering various other communications. Why am I so behind? Well… like so many people over the holiday season the Alchemy team was struck down by cold-lurgies. Much coughing and sneezing and loud groaning was involved for several weeks. I am happy to report that the enemy has been largely vanquished.

Other health matters were not so easily set aside and have given my 2015 a rather fraught start. A hospital check up last autumn for one minor problem revealed another completely unrelated issues; which in turn resulted in minor surgery last Thursday, and I assumed, quite logically, that would be the end of that.   But no! Like dominoes last week’s visit set something   completely unrelated to first or second issue into motion, and … you get the picture.

None of these things are serious in themselves, but they are distracting! Oh the joys of growing older when bits of you start misbehaving!

So … from this week I really do hope to keep up with that promise to myself of weekly blogging!  And if I have not answered an important missive from you –  I will get round to it – honest!


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