Smoking Gun

I trailed off to my GP’s surgery today to have my blood pressure checked, and was somewhat surprised at the following:images

Nurse: (rather waspishly)  And have you finally ‘managed’ to give up smoking?

Me: Pardon?

Nurse: You are listed as a smoker.

Me: My what says what now?

Nurse: According to our records you smoke a minimum of 10 cigarettes a day. You really should think about…

Me: Hold it right there. I do not smoke. I have not smoked for more than 20  years!

Nurse: Really? Well our records…

Me: …are wrong. I have not smoked since at least 1990!

Nurse: Oh. (plainly not convinced) Well I shall alter them then shall I?

Given the recent comments on some NHS services being potentially blocked or limited to smokers it seems I was standing smack bang in the middle of a potential minefield of health care access – and all due to poor record keeping.

Next time you go to visit your local surgery – ask to review your records. They could well be wrong!




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