Sussex Tales Offered

Penkhull press put up kindle edition giveaway on Amazon for three days between Christmas and New Year and Sussex Tales saw its share of downloads, which is very gratifying.

Giving books away for free is an odd concept and I have read many views on this issue offered by various pundits of Indie books, and ebooks.

There are those who will tell you, “Yes, giveaways are great! Every home should have one.”

And those who will  inform you with equal authority that, “Giveaways are a waste of time.”

I don’t expect a huge remuneration yet somehow it seems logical that there should be a recognisable transaction for all of the work put in. So yes,  I do had my reservations about giving  work away.

But that said I also see a logic in any  special offers that will get the wares out on there on people’s bookshelves – and hopefully generate some word of mouth recommendations. Or even a review or two! I will try just about most things once. You can’t make an informed choice or give an opinion unless you do.

Whatever the logic the giveaway was a success in that downloads were made by a fair number of kindle folk. Only time will tell whether it made a positive or negative impact.

I await all potential outcomes with interest.


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