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Good Yule!

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Let There Be Light… #christmastrees #christmaslights

fibre-optic-treeOurs is not a house where decorations are gone into in any great quantity but I do usually stretch to a tree and a few bits and bobs.

The tiny fibre-optic tree in the dining toom was simple – out of the box and plug it in.

Then came the front room – something more of a mission. But as it was a cold day and Yule is just 11 days away it seemed as good a time as any to deck the halls. I had tested both sets of tree lights a couple of days ago. Both worked so I didn’t buy any more whilst we were out shopping yesterday. This afternoon when I got them all out I tested them again.

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A little rant

Whilst shopping today in the local high st  what can only be described as an ear splitting wail of sheer despair rose up above the crowd. It was a chilling sound that brought the street almost to a standstill as we all searched for the source of that heart-rending cry.

Some distance away, across the main square, a young woman was fleeing from the bank (?- may have been a shop), with a handful of papers, yelling  at the top of her lungs in obvious distress. She scuttled across the square and into an alleyway between shops on the far side, but her anguish could still be heard quite plainly. This was a full scale melt-down in progress.

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Christmas Ghosts – Free story for one week only!

Leinster Gardens cover CConcerning the Events in Leinster Gardens

(Title story from  Leinster Gardens & Other Subtleties (c) Jan Edwards)

The paving under his feet rumbled, setting shivers up through the soles of his boots. It was the Tube; only trains, he knew that. The ginger-moustachioed officer told him, as he’d sold Archie his ticket, how the Metropolitan Line ran right through the street, and laughed as he spoke of it. Archie had laughed along with him, though he felt less than amused now.

‘Number twenty-four.’ He checked the card again, sure that he had come to the right place. The door was solid enough beneath its ionic portico. The perfectly normal balustrade on either side of the perfectly normal step was all perfectly normal for a Regency terrace. But unlike the other residences in Leinster Gardens, there were no lights showing in any of its windows. Even without a Ball, and even if the family were not at home, servants would keep lamps burning in this kind of household. The only sign of life was a small tabby cat perched on the end of the balustrade.

‘This is all a bit wet,’ he told it. ‘Dashed poor show.’

The cat only stretched onto its toes and pulled its lips back in a silent hiss before slinking into the basement stairwell.

Archie looked at the lit windows all along the row, noting how a few drapes had been left daringly undrawn, the better to show off electrical Christmas lights; welcoming beacons for the late-night walkers. When he turned back to his dark destination he almost fell off the stoop, because in that short moment all things had changed. Continue reading

Sussex Tales Christmas

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallIt’s a one-legged Woozlum.’ My father assured me. ‘It’s a cross between an Oozlum and a Woozle. Very rare.’
I looked down at the row of small round holes that trailed through the snow next to our bootprints and snorted both amusement and exasperation. I loved my fathers’ elaborate jokes but there were times when he drove me mad. This one may have worked when I was five but not anymore.
The sledge was heaped high with dark-leaved holly, bundles of ivy, fir swathes and my favourite, the gleaming, orange/pink fruited spindle. I knew they were far more than necessary, but I adored the Christmas ritual of Gathering-the-Greens. It was only I that was really interested, but with my father’s help I always made an occasion of it. We had gathered evergreens for swags and left the sledge near the ram’s shed before heading toward the Top Close where two-dozen steers were kept on deep litter for the winter months.
It had snowed hard that morning, and the sky promised a lot more to come. Leaden cloud layers spanned the sky and a stiff wind was blowing from the north.

(Extract from Sussex Tales – Christmas Bird) (available here – paper and kindle)


Christmas Revenge…

I saw this meme today that reminded me of the battle my dad waged with his sister overfrov who could buy the worst (from parents POV) xmas gifts for my cousin and my brothers respectively.




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