Christmas Revenge…

I saw this meme today that reminded me of the battle my dad waged with his sister overfrov who could buy the worst (from parents POV) xmas gifts for my cousin and my brothers respectively.





It began with Dad buying a junior carpentry set for my cousin Graham.

By Boxing Day every piece had been confiscated after the dining table, two chairs and sideboard had been comprehensively ‘mended’ by an enthusiastic 5 year old.

The ensuing years involved the biggest water guns ever made; toy drum kits; a boxed set of cap guns (1 each – I had 2 brothers); Chemistry sets; dartboards; bows and arrows (both with suckers not points I hasten to add), flashing-rattling rayguns etc.



The closest thing to the Frozen recorder set was the year Auntie Jean sent the Chipmunk LPs, which was when my mother declared a unilateral cease fire!

The morale of the story is be VERY careful what you buy for other people’s kids. You never know where it might end!


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