A little rant

Whilst shopping today in the local high st  what can only be described as an ear splitting wail of sheer despair rose up above the crowd. It was a chilling sound that brought the street almost to a standstill as we all searched for the source of that heart-rending cry.

Some distance away, across the main square, a young woman was fleeing from the bank (?- may have been a shop), with a handful of papers, yelling  at the top of her lungs in obvious distress. She scuttled across the square and into an alleyway between shops on the far side, but her anguish could still be heard quite plainly. This was a full scale melt-down in progress.

I paused to watch her, as did many people, and though I was in a hurry wondered whether or not I should intervene. I then spotted a pair of Community Police Officers hurrying after her and felt relieved. Help was at hand.

The reaction of two women walking just ahead of me, however, was mind boggling.  Both carried bags from which protruded christmas wrapping paper. Yet their season goodwill and charity apparently began and ended at home.

Staring after the disturbed young woman as she hurried away, one shouted ‘Shut up you stupid cow!’ whilst the other bellowed something along the lines of ‘You shouldn’t be let out!’

My own loud comment as I passed them by of  ‘A little compassion, ladies?’ was met with mystified stares and a muttered ‘f*ck you’.  Delightful pair…

Is this what we have come to? I despair at the lack of empathy some folks have for their fellow beings.

Rant over.



  1. I share your despair, People like that are all too prevalent in our society. Perhaps they have always been there. There was no shortage of crowds at public hangings and burning, Indeed, watching some poor wretches last tortured moments was considered entertainment. It’s just in the 21st century, we should no better.

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  2. There’s a clergyman in Ireland who’s proposed that Christians should stop using the word “Christmas,” which festival he reckons has been taken over entirely by the secular world, and find some other word for their religious/spiritual occasion.

    As you’ll be aware, I’m not a Christian myself, but I can understand exactly where he’s at with this suggestion — especially when I hear about behavior like that of the two stupid, heartless women you describe.

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