Miss Dilly & Co : Lending and Bending of Ears

ya boo.jpgWhen Oberon came to sit on my lap last night he was being a real mard-arse, moaning and complaining and demanding attention.

As he tends to be a winger at best of times I didn’t take too much notice until I realised his ear was wet.  Some critter had bitten right through it and it was a bit of a mess

Fortunately he is a gentle giant so the bathing and application of antiseptic cream was simple enough.  He seems to be better this morning, though it is  obviously something that needs keeping an eye on and I shall be on standby for a flying visit to the vet if required.  (Though I’d rather we didn’t have a £120 bill as we did last time he was bitten.)

It would be very easy to blame the local Tom cat (who often picks on Oberon) but frankly the eye of suspicion also rests on Miss Dilly. She is not above unprovoked attacks – or at least attacking on the grounds that one of crew has walked within four feet of her chosen spot for the day – where ever that might be.

The fact that she chooses ‘spots’ that prevent access or exit of her fellow feline residents points toward an inclination to be just plain cussed (like we didn’t know that already).

IMG_3190 a2She sits there with paws tucked in on the top stair or the back step, with eyes half closed and lays in wait – forcing poor Oberon and Betty Poop to  creep as close as they dare on crouched legs, with head low in submission (or maybe obeisance) before they make a frantic dash passed the tiny gorgon; at which point she comes suddenly alive and beats the crap out of them.

Yes  Oberon’s injury may well be down to the local Tom-cat…  but on the other hand… (looks toward Miss Dilly with narrowed eyes…)

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