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Miss Dilly & Co : calling cards #cats #missdilly

cat collarA cat collar belonging to Pumpkin,20180821_130030 (1) that well known freeloader from next door but one, was laying on our back step this morning – just a hands-span from the cat flap.

1533111782280I have not decided if this is a protest vote because I (and Miss Dilly) keep shooing him out. (I must add that I am a lot more polite than Miss Dilly!) Or that we were out all day and tea did not arrive at the usual time.

As the neighbour was out I left the collar hanging from the door knocker – which should give them a mystery to ponder for themselves 🙂



Miss Dilly and Co : softly softy

I bought a new dressing gown – one of those super-soft velour kinds – and made the mistake of putting it on the end of the bed. I doubt it was there for five minutes (quite literally) before Oberon laid claim.

He is obsessed with velour of any kind!

Black cats #cats #superstitions

catWalking to the allotment today I was greeted by a small black cat. It ran down a driveway and jumped up on the wall to chirp at me as I passed – so naturally I stopped to say hello.

In the next street a different black cat called to me from a doorstep and came trotting down the pathway to see me – again I said hello and walked on Continue reading

Dilly & Co : Back to School

20180717_174907Several weeks ago we bought a cat flap, which Peter fitted to the back door with remarkable ease.

To get our tribe used to said flap we propped it open during the day and they have got quite used to popping in and out.

I have been posting all of them in and out through the flap when closed and on each occasion they stare about them on the other side of the door – totally discombobulated.  Narnia, they say, is not like this!

I have tried coaxing them with Dreamies (the ads lie – cats will not do anything for those treats!).  I have tried all manner of tricks but still they can’t seem to realise that the flap is not some impenetrable barrier.

They sit outside and cry until let in – or else stand in the kitchen ‘beside’ the flap and wail to go out – but none of them have yet managed to get the hang of it…pumpkin

Of course Pumpkin (from 2 doors down) has had no problems and pops in often for a snack…


We have, without doubt, the three stupidest cats in Britain.


Miss Dilly and Co. Faulty Felines #cats

It occurred to me that my cats are faulty.  Why? Empty boxes. Endless youtube clips and postings from friends find the reaction of their feline darlings to a box of any kind  entertaining  with often hilarious antics. Continue reading

Miss Dilly & co : and the house in chaos

The cats have hated the house in chaos whilst the new kitchen is being installed.

Oberon and Betty Poop have retreated to the back bedroom – often hiding beneath the spared bed.


Miss Dilly wanders freely around the house and does not seem to be affected as much, except that she has taken to hiding in the front room in some as yet undiscovered spot. Three times in the past week she has been inadertently shut in there. You would think she’s learn after the first time…  but no, she prefers to pick her way through the chaos and lurk in unexpected places! She is, after all, Miss Dilly!


New Kitchen : End of Day Three

Today was the plasterers turn. Nice guys who cleared up after them – even mopped the floor even though they will be back to make more mess tomorrow (unlike the sparkies!).

Ugly holes in walls all filled in and next boards to the ceiling



20180321_153108day1 a

Plus the gas fitter checking the gas capping.

Tomorrow the plasterers return (which is a good name for a pub) to finish off and then it will have to dry before the fitters arrive.


Oberon hides beneath the spare bed and Betty Poop is on it. Of Miss Dilly there is no sign!