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Miss Dilly & Co : Lending and Bending of Ears

ya boo.jpgWhen Oberon came to sit on my lap last night he was being a real mard-arse, moaning and complaining and demanding attention.

As he tends to be a winger at best of times I didn’t take too much notice until I realised his ear was wet. ┬áSome critter had bitten right through it and it was a bit of a mess Continue reading


Miss Dilly & co. : Revenge of the Earman

ya booYesterday Oberon was not well. He moped around the place with head on one side and plainly had an earache. I got some drops for him. On application he shot off with a banshee howl and vanished out into the garden for several hours to sulk. Continue reading

Cool for Cats

ya booYou know it has to be cold out when you wake at 3 am, unable to move, because there are two cats draped across you like sandbags.

Continue reading

Cats : Weatherwise or Weather Wimps?

Dilly queen smallCat’s know what you are saying at best or at worst can read minds! Continue reading