GF: Tesco Free From Seeded Loaf

Gluten free bread is somewhat better in general terms than the first products that came onto the market some years ago. Or at least that is what I have told myself. 

True,  it no longer has the texture and weight of a Sorbo rubber ball, and does at least look like a loaf of bread and not an anaemic brick.  But is it any more palatable?

seeded-breadYesterday I bought a Tesco Free From Seeded Sliced Loaf.  The sell by date had 4 days to run so I assumed it would be reasonable quality. (i.e. not stale.)

On opening it and trying to remove a slice I came across my first hurdle. Each slice fell apart as it was removed.

Trying to put olive spread on one piece just disintegrated it even further.

I managed to get two slices more or less intact (they still had a huge crevasse across the top)  and toasted them.

Oh dear. Stale, dry and sweet! I had not put anything other than the olive spread on top but close my eyes and I could swear I had added a layer of syrup.  (On checking with My Fitness Pal calorie counter It has approx 20 calories per slice more than standard seeded bread.)

And worse it clung around the mouth in the way that peanut butter can if you spoon it straight from the jar. I had to go and clean my teeth before I could even drink my tea!

So is the modern GF loaf any better than its forerunners?

Aesthetically perhaps. I mean it LOOKED like bread. But when it came to the handling and taste test then no, not really.

It is not a product I shall buy again in a hurry.


  1. Agree about the Tesco seeeded loaf, but unfortunately it’s the only one easily available around here in our small local Tesco. I think it’s a company called Genius that do a various gluten free loaves (I’ve tried one of the brown ones, can’t remember which) and they seem to be much nicer, but still have the same inclination to fall apart at the slightest touch. Oh well, maybe one day.


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