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Reprising some of the material from the blog tour – here is the review from Chatabout books If you enjoy historical fiction and/or a good murder mystery, then you will love Winter Downs. I haven’t read much historical fiction, as yet, but I do generally enjoy it when I do and I have thoroughly enjoyed this… Read More Winter Downs reviews #winterdowns #crime #cosycrime #ww2crime #janedwards

Fables 5 Star Review

A fabulous review on Goodreads (and Amazon) for Fables and Fabrications appeared today! “A delicious smorgasbord of short stories…” “…varied and fascinating collection with something for all tastes.” Comments like these could turn a girl’s head!

Fables on Murder, Mayhem and More

An excellent review for  Fables and Fabrications on Murder Mayhem and More. “Compact chronicles, seemingly distilling the detail and energy from an entire novel into a condensed, compelling form …  (Edwards)  expertly blends matter-of-fact everyday reality with far-fetched and fanciful notions that somehow seem entirely credible.”  


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GENERAL INFORMATION   TITLE: THE ALCHEMY PRESS BOOK OF URBAN MYTHIC AUTHOR: VARIOUS PAGES: 270 PUBLISHER: THE ALCHEMY PRESS ( YEAR: 2013 A free copy of this anthology was provided by Peter Coleborn, the publisher and editor-in-chief. He asked me to review three upcoming collections. The Alchemy…