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The Importance of Being ‘Earnest’ #blogging #archiving #winterdowns #bunchcourtney

Featured Image -- 22249In the process of revamping my blog in preparation for the  In Her Defence campaign  I realised that I had not archived the various blogs and interviews carried out for Winter Downs.

Gathering all of those guest blogs and interviews and Q&As was a long-winded task and it appears that in the 2 years since the pre-publication Winter Downs campaign was first begun several have been lost forever as sites went down or else archived old posts so that they are no longer accessible.

Now I realise that in the great scheme of things that may not be all that important – and had I been more earnest in my publicity I would have already done it – but for my own interest at least it would be rather useful to archive those blogs in one place; if only to ensure that I don’t repeat myself.

It took most of an afternoon but eventually I managed to smoosh all that I could rescue into one long page (I still have a few reviews to track down). Scrolled into one document I was taken aback to realise that the document was 12.5k long!

So many words set down in the process of spreading the word!

You can read all of those posts here. 


City of Secrets (Adventures of Letty Parker) by Misha Herwin @MishaHerwin #BookReview @penkhullpress

via City of Secrets (Adventures of Letty Parker) by Misha Herwin @MishaHerwin #BookReview @penkhullpress

BFree GF Wraps #glutenfree #food

I have tried three gluten free different wraps over the past few weeks from the BFree range and here are my personal thoughts on these products.

Firstly I would say that all three could do with being a little larger, purely in order that a hot of bulky items such as chicken or beef strips can be wrapped more successfully, but that is a small point. Continue reading

Wake Up and Taste the Coffee

Kenco Millicano wholebean instant coffeeI usually buy Kenco Millicano coffee as I like the flavour. For an instant coffee is really isn’t bad.

Image for Nescafe Azera Americano Barista Style Instant Coffee Tin 100g from Sainsbury'sOn the last two shopping trips, however, the only alternative available in the ‘barista’ style instant coffees was Nescafe Azera.

Now I usually boycott Nestle products as a matter of course on moral grounds (as opposed to coffee grounds) but I thought this was a classic Hobsons choice. I was wrong. Going without would have been the wiser option.

I shall be using the cafetierre until further notice.


Sussex Tales #review #sussextales

Nice little review on Amazon this week for Sussex Tales from unknown person. It is always good when an older title not only maintains small but steady sales but also the odd review. And better still when it comes from an unexpected purchase. Its how you know that the ripples are reaching out beyond your sight.

(read here)    

Sussex Tales was a labour of love, reflecting not just my growing years but also a way of recording a slice of social history. A way of life that was fast vanishing even as I witnessed its beauty for myself.

It grew out of a shorter piece written for the then Southampton University and later Winchester Writers’ Conference, and won an award for best slim volume.

The recipes contained with the stories are passed down through the family and, being last of the line with nobody to pass them on to, were included in order to cast them into the winds for all to enjoy.

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed small



Winter Downs #review #crimefiction #winterdowns

A new 5* review for Winter Downs in the midst of the snow!


Review : : Daz Pulsford

“What starts out as a mysterious death soon turns into a mystery of worrying proportions – there’s more than rustling afoot in this snowbound Sussex Downs village. The central character, Bunch, is determined to clear the first victim’s name, and doggedly pursues the leads as the drama unfolds.

Set in the bleak austerity of 1940, near the South Coast with its constant invasion threat, rationing, and blackout protocol – Bunch and her sister Dodo are pitted against not only the difficulties of communication and officialdom of the War, but also the complex tangle of classism and patriarchy.

Heavy snow acts like the treacle of difficulties Bunch must wade through to get to the truth, and combined with the immaculate attention to period detail, the writer’s own skill with the local dialect, and the easing reluctance of the Chief Inspector initially summoned to close a suicide case, our relentless narrator pieces the clues together to uncover a touch of evil pervading the village.

Are there more? I would hope so – I loved the characters, the energy of the plot and the feel of the time evoked in the details.”



Picking Up The Pieces by Misha M. Herwin #BookReview @MishaHerwin @penkhullpress

front-over-for-blogExcellent review for Misha Herwin’s book Picking Up the Pieces.
Follow links for review: Picking Up The Pieces by Misha M. Herwin #BookReview @MishaHerwin @penkhullpress