Miss Dilly & Co

Dilly queen smallEver since we had Miss Dilly and Betty Poop from the CPL they have had grubby noses.

Frequent questions to the Vet assured us that it was not some dire respiratory disease  and so, as neither (unlike most cats) are huge fans of washing we just put it down to mucky habits. Oberon has never had the same problem.

A chance glance at a post some weeks ago assured its readers that grubby noses on cats can be a sign of allergies – specifically to nylon and/or plastic cat bowls.

Thinking that it might be worth a try  we bought some ceramic cat food dishes. The girls are, after all ladies of good breeding (British bicolour shorthairs)  and  are litter sisters,  it would make sense that they would both suffer the same affliction.

Within three weeks – clean noses!

I feel terribly guilty for not realising this was a possibility but better late than never




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