Second Chance Cordyline @ Courtyard Garden #courtyardgarden #gardening

I posted a while ago about the cordyline that was struck down by last winter’s cold spell.

This was a specimen which had held centre stage in the front garden for a couple of years.

Sadly, as, like so many cordys in the area, it suffered badly in the lower than average temperatures, and as space is limited it had to be moved out of prime position.

On cutting off the frosted top, however, one of the three trunks seemed less ‘soggy’ than the rest and so we put it into a large black trug-pot to give it a second chance.

Just to prevent it from being a sad eyesore at the side of the courtyard we bought an inexpensive obelisk frame to place around it and planted some sweetpeas. This way it will at least provide a splash of summer colour while the cordy decided whether it was going to live!

This morning, looking at the pot and seeing if those sweetpeas were growing I noted some tiny green nodules around the base of the cordyline stump! It seems there is life in the old thing yet and it is taking advantage of its reprieve.

Just goes to show that most things given a second chance will do their best to revive 🙂


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