Mammoth Task : Barry Lillie #barrylillie #writing

Random Task – Barry Lillie

Barry Lillie

Back in April 2010, I had dreams of writing a book based in Italy, especially Abruzzo. At first it was to be a thriller and I started writing it under the working title of La Luna, however I found researching Italian law and police procedure tedious whilst working in an Italian summer without air-con in my little office space

Image courtesy of Sander Sammy.

I’d already written a draft of the first eight chapters but found it wasn’t going anywhere or keeping me entertained and if the author isn’t feeling it then you can guarantee the reader will feel the same.

So giving it a rethink, I thought I’d stick with what I’m used to, comedy. It got given a new name, Diamond Moon and I rewrote the first seven chapters again and came up against a literary brick wall as it was turning into a farce and I…

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