Ms Mageneto : Resurrection! #missmagento #janedwards

Magneto | Character Close Up | Marvel Comic Reading Lists

In general my Ms Magneto powers come into play for the forces of evil – destroying watch batteries and killing off laptops and sundry other electronica.

I set off security gate alarms and conjure blue static sparks from supermarket trolleys, nylon clothing and on occasion, rather alarmingly, from petrol pump nozzles!

But this morning I used those electronic zapping abilities in the name of good!

Peter has a Nexus tablet which seemed to have died. It hadn’t been used for a while and the batteries had drained. The usual recommend in such cases is to hold the on/off switch in for 30 seconds (though I have seen advice in this stretch  to 120 seconds).

It’s a trick I have used on my Kindle and does seem to work.

But poor Nexus resisted all such attempts. We were all but resigned to consigning it to that great electronic knackers yard (the electrical equipment container at the local tip).

I had tried the 2 minute restart again – nothing – so I decided to give it one last try using me Magneto mojo.

Taking the tablet between the flats of my hands I held it for the count of 60 and then rubbed the Nexus between my palms.

Just a teeny glimmer at first. Another 60 seconds  and then that spark grew – two sparks, three, four… and  the cry goes up.

It’s alive! It’s alive!

Nexus lives to be read another day!!!


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