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Ms Magneto – Killing the Till

hazard Dropped in to Tesco for a few bits and pieces and decided that as it was busy and there were queues  it would be quicker to use the self-service checkout.

How wrong could I be.

The first four items refused to scan for me; ‘unknown item in the baggage area’, each time requiring the staff member to come and reset it. Continue reading


Ms Magneto On 6Towns Radio

Misha Herwin and I appeared on the Curtain Call show on 6Towns Radio on Saturday  with hosts Becs and Rob – and as always we had a blast .  Continue reading

Ms Magneto: sound engineer

Some weeks I managed to stop Misha’s watch merely by sitting next to her on car journey to Leominster. (The watch restarted when we got out of the car.) Continue reading

Ms Magneto – Killed the Laptop!

hazardLatest Ms Magneto – for a while the laptop has been doing odd things. Cutting out, freezing and processing generally with the alacrity of a cat on hash.  Continue reading

Ms Magneto – The Agony in Buying Shoes

hazardWe (Peter and me) went  to buy some walking sandals this morning.  That is to say we were shopping and went into the shoe shop as an add on – and it was there that my Ms Magneto powers struck! Continue reading