Oatcake debate #glutenfree #food

Aldi-oatcakesAll of us who are GF or WF know the problems of finding a wheat free cracker that is not devoid of flavour and/or texture so I hesitate to dismiss any brand out of hand.

As a child, growing up as I did on a farm, one of the scents that will take me  back to the winter time is that of a feed store. Its a curious mix of dust, mildew and stale grains with an overarching top note of rodent pee!

Sadly many oatcakes that you can buy have that exact same smell, and more, have the flavour that those odours can invoke.

One such is a ‘seeded’ oatcake made for and sold by Aldi. They are labelled ‘Savour Bakes’, which one assumes is the Aldi brand as there seems to be no other name on the packaging.

Oatcake biscuits are always on the dry side, and frequently lacking in any real flavour of their own, which is often a good thing as you can use them as a vehicle for pates,cheeses, humous etc, without adulteration. So its rather sad that the smell and flavour of these particular oatcakes is that of grain store to such an extent that even the stinkiest of cheeses failed override it.

I was amused by the cover which depicts an unbuttered oatcake topped by slices of tomato and avocado. Given that the oatcakes are completely arid I can’t imagine you could eat them that way unless accompanied by a litre of tea 🙂

There are other varieties on offer from Savour Bakes, which I will try, but this is not one that I shall willingly buy again except at dire need.  Marks 5/10

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