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Saturday saw the long anticipated presentation of the “Potteries Prize for Flash Fiction,” in which I was awarded a Highly Commended in the Most entertaining category.

This is a prize for pieces of fiction of less than 350 words and is run by Stephanie Hutton and Liz Kay of the Writing Kiln project in conjunction with Stoke on Trent Libraries and Ellipse Magazine.

The winner of the four sections were:
Most Entertaining: ‘A Haunting’ by Lisa Culligan
Most Beautiful Use of language: ‘A Story of the Bird People’ by Jacoby Hayward
Best Character if Voice: ‘Second Chance’ by Mary Bennett
Best Line: Beryl Crawford, for the last line in ‘The Cat Came Back’


The Overall Winner this year was Jacoby Hayward.

 (L-R) Mary, Beryl, overall winner Jacoby and Lisa.
Photo courtesy of Writing Kiln

The full list of winners is available on the Stoke Libraries site HERE

There are many flash fiction writers in the city who regularly gain prizes in national competition so I was rather stunned to gain a highly commended in the Most Entertaining category. Flash fiction is not my usually sphere, in fact I can probably count the number of flash fiction pieces I’ve written on one hand, but decided to give it a shot this year purely for the challenge.

The morning’s celebration at City Central Library was a great deal of fun with readings from fourteen pieces picked from the winners and runners up.

This included my own entry was called ‘Countdown to Nothing’, and bijou take of obsession! I was rather amazed to be able to come up with an entire crime story in 348 words, and yes, before you ask, I may use it a basis for something far longer.

Many thanks to the organisers and judges for all their work.



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