Fetch the Bat Biscuit mobile for the Book of Horrors! #fantasycon #cooking #alchemypressbookofhorrors

20181018_105215Bat biscuits are a thing in this house or have been today and yesterday.  An assembly line process that can be messy.

Fortunately I have elves to clear up. (Well maybe make that one grumpy troll but we can’t be picky)

And the process in detail?

  • First make your biscuits: Spelt flour, sugar, butter, egg, syrup and sweet spices.  (I made 80 in all!)
  • Coat the tops in dark chocolate (fair trade variety – no palm oil!)
  • Add sprinkles
  • Bag up and apply appropriate branding

Why have I slaved in the kitchen for two mornings running you may ask?

61uxuJqR9CL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Jan’s artisan Bat Biscuits are destined for The Alchemy Press Book of Horror launch at Fantasycon in Chester. The only way to get you hands on one of these fabulous goodies is to buy the even more fabulous book!

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