Miss Dilly & Co : Nasty Habits

mouse 2Miss Dilly is a law unto her self at best of times but her contempt for all things rodent apparently has no bounds.

Recently spotted : Miss Dilly chasing a mouse which went to ground in its hole at the base of the wall at the top of the garden.

Undaunted our intrepid hunter settled down to await its re-emergence and waited

And waited…

And waited…

Now cats are supposed to possess infinite patience and have been said to lay in wait for their prey for days…

Not so our Missy. After around half and hour she got bored. But did she just wander away, having lost interest?

Image result for horrified faceNot in the slightest.  Having realised her lunch was not about to walk into her jaws any time soon she turned around – hovered her rear end over the mouse house…and peed down the hole before stalking off in a huff!

Behaviour I had not expected I will admit but this is Miss Dilly we are talking about…

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