Keeping My Knitting-wits About Me!

I was looking for a quick knitting pattern for a beret and came across one that from the picture looked very simple.

This section, however, required a little thought (translation).

  • Now it is time to increase your stitches and needle size. Switch your working needle to a size 15. This means your stitches will still be on a size 13, while you’ll be working with a size 15. Start increasing your stitches, just using a knit stitch, until you have a total of 72 stitches. So, you will not increase every stitch, because then you would end up with 76 and that will make it harder when it’s time to decrease. So only increase to 72 stitches.

Okay, I figured it out, and yes it does ‘say what it means’, and yes it worked well as a pattern once deciphered. But sheesh!

As a writer  I was torn between a truly ghasted flabber and howling laughter 🙂

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