Miss Dilly & Co: being awkward

dilly-queen-smallWe have a window  on the stairwell that leads out into the garden which all of the cats, and Oberon in particular, use as a shortcut.

Oberon, being a longer, leaner, critter, than either of the stumpy-legged girls, can jump with great precision from the sill across the stairwell though the gaps in open rail balustrade and onto the landing gallery.

This morning when Peter had paused to open the window to let Oberon in as usual Miss Dilly plainly had other ideas.

The little madam positioned herself in the one of the gaps, watching where between the rails Oberon was intending to land,  and proceeded to dodge back and fore like a premier league goalkeeper. Thus ensuring that the lad had nowhere to go.

Presumably living in the hope that he’d take a dive and plummet down the staircase into the kitchen.

Sheer mischief!


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