Me and Our City and Penkhull Press

pottsWay back in the dim and distant past (november 2014)  I went for a photo shoot for an article relating to the Gladstone  Pottery Museum Story Cafe last November.  The article has just been published in #39 of Stoke on Trent: Our City

As the rest of the Penkhull crew were unavailable so it fell to me to wave the flag, but, as anyone who knows me will attest – I am not the best of models.  That not withstanding I did my best, and waited for the results with baited breath.  Great article – lousy photo…  (no reflection on the photographer – only the subject…)

The article was all about Penkhull Press titles:






Sussex Tales by Jan Edwards
House of Shadows by Misha  M Herwin
It Never Was Worthwhile by Jem Shaw and Malcolm Havard





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