Lost in Transit

hazardHaving blogged on my super-powers that can bollox many items of electronica with a single touch, it now appears that I have inadvertently upped the ante  on the whole zapping phenomenon. I no longer need to be present as an entire entity to fry the system – just sending small parts of me would appear to have the same effect.

How did I discover this strange new gift?

Back in January I had a tissue biopsy taken (as a standard precaution). Two to four weeks for results was the advice given.

I was annoyed to be told when I enquired after  six weeks had elapsed that ‘actually no – four to six weeks is the usual waiting time’

Okay – six weeks is a long while – but as it is not urgent I did not worry too much beyond muttered comments on poor communications etc. etc.

Today – with the ninth week underway – I was told by my GP that there is no apparent record of the samples ever existing on the hospital system and no reply from them to his queries.The data has just … vanished!  No trace remains on the system – and – should they not turn up – will require the whole process starting again…

Three small fragments of Jan  seem to have been enough to erase not just electronic files but the paper trail and tissue itself.

It is not urgent …  but … *sigh*



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