Tales From the Lake Vol 2

lake 2 My story ‘Bone Wary’ – about a master potter of the quirkiest kind – will appear in Tales From the Lake: Vol 2 !  

Coming in 2015, the second installment in the annual Tales from the Lake anthologies.

The line-up includes Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, Lisa Morton, Edward Lee, Tim Lebbon, Raven Dane, Rocky Alexander, Jim Goforth, Hal Bodner, Glen Johnson, Steven Savile, Richard Chizmar, Rena Mason, Ben Eads, Aaron Dries and Jan Edwards (with one or two possible surprises to come).

You can purchase volume 1 over here.

Cover artist: Ben Baldwin
Edited by Joe Mynhardt, Emma Audsley, and R.J. Cavender
Scheduled release: Autumn 2015


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