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So Why the Cat?

front cover copyOne of the most frequently asked questions from people who first see my Fables and Fabrications collection is ‘why the cat?’ Continue reading


Fcon report

Older Fantasycon goers amongst us will remember the annual Fcon report that appeared in the BFS Newsletter/Bulletin/Prism following Fantasycon each year.

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Weird Epistles

Coming Soon from Alchemy Press – Weird Epistles

The Alchemy Press


Coming very soon from The Alchemy Press: The Complete Weird Epistles of Penelope Pettiweather, Ghost Hunter from Jessica Amanda Salmonson.  Fourteen stories — or epistles, rather — detailing Penelope’s quest to understand the nature of ghosts. Full of the rich history and landscape of Salmonson’s northwest USA, these quiet tales will appeal to the fan of the traditional ghost story.

Theo squatted down. He heard his knees crack. The fire itself was strangely quiet. He stared into the blaze, mesmerized by the weird beauty of the hounds. Then the fire flared again. It seemed the hounds had leapt across the hearth! Theo started to stand, shouting but they bore him down. Their snarling was the sound of an inferno. They fastened to his neck and right arm. The flashlight went rolling. He choked out one more shout, then burning fangs tore out his vocal cords.

Jessica Amanda Salmonson is a recipient…

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Fables and Fabrications Launch Day Giveaway!

5th of May is online launch day for Fables & Fabrications and I shall be holding a draw for Fables and Fabrications at the Online Launch tomorrow – Two lucky people will be picked at random to  win free copies (UK addresses only)
To take part all you need do is drop by at the online launch party and join in with the posts —  posts mean prizes!!!
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Fairytales Amongst the Fables

In need of a little brightness today so I am highlighting  two slightly comic stories from the fourteen included in Fables and Fabrications.

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Fables Freebie!

The fabulous Crime and SF news and reviews site Murder Mayhem and More  is running a giveaway on Facebook for a Fables and Fabrications  extract as below!   *Note – you need to go to this Murder Mayhem and More page to enter!

FABLES & FABRICATIONS by Jan Edwards is out this week. To celebrate its publication, we have an exclusive prize-draw competition to ‪#‎win‬ an‪#‎ebook‬ edition of ‘Midnight Twilight’ – one of the 14 tales of mystery, mirth and the macabre included in this anthology.
Who is the distant figure who drives his sled across the arctic snowscape in the midnight hour? Is he man or myth? Find out in the bitter chill of isolation in ‘Midnight Twilight’
Like and/or Share the post over at  the Murder Mayhem and More page and you’ll be in with a chance to win.

In Fables & Fabrications, Jan Edwards leads us through a world where nothing is as it seems, from the arctic wastes of Norway to a fun-filled evening at the fair. Shape changers, ancient spirits and crafty cats all play their crucial parts in stories that unsettle and disturb the reader’s perception.

Chosen from Jan’s back catalogue of horror and dark fantasy, these stories are collected here for the first time in one volume, enhanced by a sprinkling of verse. ‘Midnight Twilight’ is just one of these tales – and it’s one you could win…

This is a worldwide draw. Competition closes midnight 6 May 2016.
Good luck! Come back and check on May 7th and 8th to see if you’ve won.

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Mayday Fables

front cover copyBeing  Mayday it seems the perfect time to mention ‘Mayday Comes Askew’,  just one of the fourteen stories included in Fables & Fabrications.   Continue reading