Off to Edge Lit tomorrow and I have  two panels to prepare for. 14:00pm – Dark Borders: Where Horror and Other Genres Meet Simon Clark, Jan Edwards Paul Kane, Kim Lakin-Smith, Freda Warrington.

Dark Borders – the divide between genres – and its importance (or not) is always a lively debate.

15:00pm – Are we Entering a New Era of Fantasy Fiction? Joe Abercrombie, Janet Edwards, Freda Warrington, Jan Edwards.

A less easily defined subject. In the interests of being thorough I decided to do a little research into trends or definitions of a new era. Many of the posts when you Google new era fantasy are related to Final Fantasy gaming. (Somehow I feel this isn’t what the panel is about – or if it is I am in big trouble because what I know about gaming  could be written on the little gummy strips between the postage stamps…)

When I finally got past the gaming flood and found some posts on the trends in fantasy it appears that, as ever,  the views of various pundits differ wildly.

Like the proverbial herding of cats everyone has a different take on what the ‘new era’ will prove to be, and that is to be expected. Several posts talked of the new trend for sex in fantasy (mostly related to GoT). Others spoke of anti-human themes – i.e. humanity  not so much fighting against adversity, as being the adversary (Ape movies etc)

New Eras – an interesting topic. I look forward to seeing what the panelists bring to the fore.

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