Five Essentials – Barry Lillie

Barry Lillie


I’m procrastinating. I should be writing chapter twenty-two of my current WIP, The Vodka and Cranberry Club, but my mind won’t focus and I cannot get myself in the mood for sentence forming. I’m currently listening to Girotondo (Roundabout) the fifth album from Giusy Ferreri who came second in the final of Italian X Factor in 2008 and staring out of the window distracted by passers by. So lackadaisical is my brain that I even looked through my man-bag and realised I have five essential things I carry with me at all times

  1. Shoe horn because you never know when you might need to remove your shoes or try new ones on. I hate seeing people treading the backs of shoes down and have always used a shoe horn. I used to be a tad obsessive over shoes and at one time I had 98 pairs. I sold…

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