For The Love of Books! @alchemypress @Mandy_Slater @lenoftherovers @paulfinchauthor

launchToday was all about cakes for the Alchemy Press launch party at Chillercon on Saturday! We are launching two books this weekend.

Let Your Hinged Jaw Do The Talking – a collection of excellent horror tales by the lovely Tom Johnstone

The Alchemy Press Book of the Dead 2021 – a memorial to those we have lost in the horror and fantasy fields of film and fiction in 2021 – compiled and edited by the inimitable Stephen Jones!

DSC_2449For the launch I have baked eighteen banana and cherry muffins and fifteen chocolate muffins,  plus twenty chocolate brownies  (all gluten and nut free).

DSC_2450And then I had to settle down and decorate them!  

The things we do for our authors and readers 🙂

(Love them all to bits really.)

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