Monday Lunchtime Write-in

Misha Herwin

Me tying.Before the pandemic Jan and I used to go out for a coffee every week where we would discuss our work in progress, or bemoan our lack of progress and share hint on how to extricate ourselves out of the mire of procrastination or self-doubt.

We also considered setting up a regular writing slot, perhaps once a month,  where we got together with other writers, to write and then to give each other feedback. Although in principal it sounded like a good idea there must have been some reluctance on both our parts because it never happened.

Then came the pandemic and everything changed. Locked down, Jan and I discovered Facebook video calls. The writing group I go to went on line and I began to Zoom or FaceTime regularly with friends. So when I found that Kris Johnson runs a lunchtime write in in the Mslexia Salon each Monday…

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