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DSC_1886I love a bargain, so I was a happy bunny when wandering around B&Q looking for greenhouse fittings and Peter pointed out an offer that simply couldn’t be ignored! A very nice white planter and 3 houseplants Cut down from £14 (I think) to £4. What was not to like?

These house plants were crammed into one ceramic pot and looking very sorry for themselves.  They were planted directly into the small jardinière and were suffering the worst of two evils. 
There was no drainage so that they would, if overwatered, quickly rot away.  BUT  in the way of big stores,  the poor things had not been watered at all!  The poor Peace Lily was drooping over the side of the pot apparently on its last stems, and undoubtedly why the pot had found its way onto the bargain shelf and in need of a little TLC.

The pot was labelled ‘Cool indoor’, meaning that none of them would appreciate direct sun or overheating.

DSC_1889Plant one: Dragon TreeDracaena.
(One of the pink/green variegated varieties.)
The Dragon likes a semi bright location and so doesn’t always thrive in bright windows though it will grow there.
It doesn’t like draughts and will not thrive at temps lower than 10c.
Needs to be watered approx once a week in summer, and prefers to dry out between waterings.

DSC_1888Plant three: Peace LilySpathiphyllum.
Also known as the Sail Plant The “flowers” on the peace lily are actually leaf bracts that take the form of white blooms which do look a little like sails! 
It is an easy houseplant  to care for and will be happy in most light levels but prefers dappled light.
Though it does not like to be overwatered, it does like moist roots, and will droop if it is allowed to get too dry.  Be careful not to over water, however, as that can cause the leaves to discolour.

DSC_1887Plant two: KalanchoeKalanchoe blossfeldiana,
Sometimes called Flaming Katy and/or Widow’s Thrill.
Katy is  a succulent who loves  a bright sunny spot with good drainage and prefers to dry out between waterings and watered sparingly. 
Will not thrive at temps lower than 10c

Note : Katy is in the pot that our trio were crammed into when purchased!

These three would survive in the same pot but it has to be pointed out – B&Q – that where  Katy and the Dragon like to dry out between waterings our Sailor is happiest when a little damper (but not wet,) And the Dragon and Sailor prefer lower light levels while Katy loves the sun. 

Not insurmountable problems because I repotted them the moment I got home and even Sailor Boy had perked up after a little water.  And I should complain when I got the lot for under a fiver!

I love a bargain – me 🙂



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