GF Weight Loss Diet? No – just half portions. #glutenfree #wheatfree #mythbusting #tescofreefrom

Though many of the wheat-free faddy-foodies have moved on to veganism those of us who remain that are truly gluten and/or wheat sensitive know the truth behind the myth that going wheat/gluten free can help you lose weight.

This only applies because you eat less snacky items such as sandwiches, cakes etc – and, though many of GF foods on sale are frequently higher in fats and sugars than standard variants, they are lower in calories because they are… well… teeny.

Lunch today demonstrated that quite clearly. My lunch – Tesco Free From seeded slices with humous and some grapes.  Healthy, one would think, and relatively low in calories.

My other half had two slices of Tesco Super Seeded loaf.

Now compare the two slice sizes. My two GF slices are approx the same size as one slice of the standard loaf (which was a first slice and smaller than those at the middle of the loaf).

I don’t especially want large slices but a little basic parity would be nice.

I rest my case 🙂













Note that my food reviews are entirely my personal opinion. Other views may differ.



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