I am not a great lover of clothes shopping – and even less enamoured with online clothes shopping.

Having spent a long while looking at endless sites with Helen I finally made a selection from Monsoon. As I needed other stuff I elected to collect in store and duly went to pick it up.  Having tried it on? It was really not anything like the illo on the website and totally unsuitable.

There followed an hour of trying outfits to exchange. Now this is fun with a friend – and a friend who gives an honest opinion is invaluable.  Several dozen outfits later with comments from Misha – and also from other shoppers – I eventually found ‘the dress’.

The assistant was brilliant – fetching more and more outfits to try out and patiently carting away the ones I had decided against.

Who you are shopping with, and the aid of a helpful and patient sales assistant made such a huge difference – and my antipathy for online clothes shopping has been confirmed.

(The top I found and ‘had’ to have was an added bonus)


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