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In Her Defence #coverreveal #Inherdefence #bunchcourtney #crimefiction

Potential cover for the next ‘Bunch Courtney Investigates’ !
Due out late 2018/early2019

In Her Defence


Changing History

Changing History – with Jem Shaw

The Penkhull Press

red-pencilI was reminded the other day of an axiom that applies to research for writing: We don’t know what we don’t know. It’s a constant problem, especially when you’re writing a period piece. We have to check constantly that we’re not building in anachronisms that will jar the reader out of the illusion.

But how deep do you go? How do you know when to stop? It’s easy to think you’ve verified a fact but, with the best will in the world, you weren’t there at the time. And the unchecked error is always there, waiting, like a rake in the grass.

Misha Herwin, my fellow Penkhull author and great friend, was kindly editing my upcoming short story collection when she questioned a reference to ballet at Sadler’s Wells in 1914. I confidently pointed out that the theatre was opened in the 17th century by Richard Sadler.

“Ah, but were…

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Dramatis personae (Penkhull Press)

Many novels, particularly the lengthier multi-volumes in the fantasy field, are packed with characters, some major, some minor, others appearing so intermittently that they can be easily forgotten.…

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One Week To Wait!

front cover copy7 days to launch of Fables and Fabrications and what else does this fab collection have in store for you wonderful book-buying people? Continue reading

Fables and Fabrications : 9 days to go

Just 9 days to launch for Fables and Fabrications  and the first Amazon and Goodreads reviews have been posted!
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Fables and Fabrications prelim copy has arrived!

The very first paper copy of Fables and Fabrications has reached my sticky mitts!
FandF has arrived Bfront cover copy
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New collection for 2016!

Very excited about my new collection coming out in the spring with Penkhull Press in 2016 titled  Fables and Fabrications.  The cover may be tweaked but essentially this is it! . 


Fables and Fabrications is scheduled as one of the first in the new ‘Penkhull Slims’ range collections and novellas. Continue reading