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Miss Dilly and Co: United Union of Radical Kittykind (UURK!) #cats

oberon and bettyThere is a misconception that cats are merely fickle when it comes to food. I am not so sure about that. Careful observations of the ‘Miss Dilly’ crew have led me to believe that their choices are made on a mixture of masterful plotting and the wish to collectively mess with the minds of humankind through organised militant action!

Take this week. For some while Felix cat food was been on permanent special offer and our tribe wolfed down packet after packet with gusto. They would eat Whiskers with slightly less enthusiasm but generally cleaned out the dishes.

As an experiment we slipped in the odd sachet of supermarket brand food and these also vanished with apparent satisfaction and so last week, rather rashly, a 48 pkt outer of said supermarket brand was purchased.

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Clean(ish) Reading in Sussex

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallSussex Tales has, on occasion, fallen foul of internet firewalls.

This – in my experience –  is usually down to software installed by companies or schools attempting to limit staff/pupils web browsing the juicy stuff in work/school-  or else to filter sexploitational spam.

Poor old Sussex is rejected purely because it contains SEX?  🙂 Continue reading