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Courtyard Garden : new shoots and spiders #courtyardgarden #plants #gardening #orchids #houseplants


Not much gardening to be done on the first day in December, you might think. But noted today how the shrubs cut back so drastically just a short while ago are already beginning to put put up new shoots.

The indomitable holly – reduced to little more than a pole – is already sending out new leaves!



Like wise the Quince and the shrub rose.20181201_14262520181201_142637

You don’t expect new growth so late in the season but it is so mild, with little sign of the cold winter that had been predicted back in September.


20181201_142723Less welcome? A plastic bottle thrown over the wall by some ghastly child. I make that assumption by the style and content of the bottle.  I hate littering – and hate it even more when people litter my garden!


On better things…



The spider plant given me by my friend Misha is flowering well.

As are my selection of orchids, which, having finished flowering back in June, have been on holiday in the conservatory all summer. I have brought them indoors in case of frosts. I have nine orchid plants and had some of those for up to ten years. Most are showing flowers and/or flower spikes. Tip – they thrive on neglect! I water once a week (or even fortnight!)and feed every third watering.




Courtyard Garden : Quince-essential

DSCN1204A few weeks ago we called in a professional to 20181104_123530prune the vastly overgrown holly and prunus that were running amok at the front of the house. (Picture taken early this year – the lawn beneath the tree died in the summer heat and has not yet recovered)


20181104_121438The corner was an impenetrable thicket that was also home to a vast variegated ivy and though good cover for birds was causing damage. (It had already pulled down a brick pillar! illo)

20181104_121433 (1)There is also a wasp nest at the base of the prunus  which is why I am holding back from full scale works. Waiting for those Jaspers to vanish for the winter!

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With winter well under way there is little colour in the garden but indoors is rather a different matter. I have south facing windows that seem to be perfect for orchids and I take full advantage of it. Continue reading

Waspish Words

A couple of years ago we had a wasp nest in an air brick right under the front window. Now much as I hate destroying things for the hell of it there were just too many stinging-critters in the house so we had to destroy the nest. It took several attempts – they are tenacious little buggers!wasps
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