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Shadows on the Grass by Misha M Herwin #blogtour #novel #newfiction

Latest CoverWhen Misha Herwin asked me to take part in her blog tour for Shadows on the Grass I was more than delighted.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It covers an awful lot of ground, not merely in time and space but also in the political and social issues.  And if that were not enough to keep me on the edge of your seat Misha also slides a time-slip element into the mix, which raises the tensions beyond the usual family saga.

With all that in mind I posed a few questions for Misha to enlarge upon.

JE: Tell us a little about yourself.

ScribeMH: I’m Misha Herwin and I write books for adults and for children. I’ve also written plays, which have been performed professionally, as well as in schools, and had a number of short stories published in various anthologies in the UK and US; including The Way to My Heart, Voices of Angels, The Darkest Midnight in December, The Yellow Room and Bitch Lit, among others. Continue reading



I love cats and have included two cat stories in Fables and Fabrication.  One of the things I like about cats is their inscrutability and independence.  Whatever they might try to convince you of  a cat deigns to liver with you, and unless you lock the doors and windows a better offer from the house down the road will be taken up should they feel so inclined.

The cover of Fables and Fabrications is a version of Le Chat Noir by Théophile Steinle, (1859-1923) . I love the expression in the feline’s face, one od mischief, bordering on demonic, that promises all kinds of mayhem to come.

‘Grey Magic for Cat Lovers’  has already has been mentioned.

The second feline extravaganza included in the collection  is ‘Pet Therapy’. This was written  for Demonologia Biblica, vol one  of Tres Liborum Peohibitorum – a horror Triptych edited by Dean Drinkel for Western Legends.   Le Chat Noir encapsulates the my imagining of the a strange cat who comes calling on the hospice in the dead of night.

‘Green Tea’ is another matter altogether. First published in Salvo 8, in 2015. ‘Green Tea’, arose from an acquaintance banging on about the medicinal benefits of elderberries. The theme is sibling rivalry – the outcome is far from sisterly habits as most people would view them.

Join the on line launch party for Fables and Fabrications  on 5th May HERE !!!!!   two copies to giveawayin a draw from UK party goers!

Fables and Fabrications is available in paper and kindle editions HERE.

‘Sparks 2’ out now

Just received my copy of Sparks: a year in e-publishing 2.

sparks 2This is a round-up of blogs published on the Authors Electric  A site that “Explore(s) the exciting new world of ebooks with 29 authors who meet here daily to gossip, laugh, and share tips on writing and independent publishing.”

This collection of blog posts written and selected by Authors Electric during 2014-15 covers a wide range of topics and includes practical and informative ‘how to’ guides, reflective discourses and a few that will raise a smile, an eyebrow – or possibly both.

Sparks 2 includes such authors as Susan Price, Pauline Fisk, Debbie Bennett, Chris Longmuir and many more!
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Updated Alchemy Press Book List

:downloadnick nightmare front97809573489121001592_701483779874272_1019161823_nph3urban mythic 2 final covertouch1044065_582055381817113_1168369280_n

A taste of things to come with several new titles announced and many more to come! Continue reading

Guest Writer: Jessica Rydill

malaJessica Rydill has been a full time writer since 2001 when her first book Children of the Shaman, was picked up by Orbit. In a previous life she was solicitor specialising in housing disrepair. (Her knowledge of mould and rising damp is extensive!) She self published the digital version of the entire series, with Malarat appearing in kindle format in early 2014. The next volume Winterbloom is expected hot off the press very soon! Continue reading

Guest Writer: Joanne Hall

Joanne Hall
aof2coverBristolian author Joanne Hall has chaired many BristolCons, Bristol’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention, and also runs the Bristol Fantasy and SF Society Facebook group. With editorial hat on she does occasion work for Dark Ocean Studios, a comics company based in San Jose, plus several anthologies published by Wizard’s Tower. Her New Kingdom fantasy trilogy, published by Epress Online, was a finalist in both the Pluto and Eppie awards. Her latest fantasy series The Art of Forgetting duology is published by Kristell Ink. Joanne’s latest novel, Spark and Carousel, which she describes as “Oliver Twist meets The Godfather, only with magic and demons”, is also due to be published by Kristell Ink in Summer 2015.  Continue reading

Emma Hinge in Pulp Heroes

Emma HingeEmma Hinge interviewed

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