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So Why the Cat?

front cover copyOne of the most frequently asked questions from people who first see my Fables and Fabrications collection is ‘why the cat?’ Continue reading


How to design a great cover.

Thoughts on covers from Misha Herwin.

Misha Herwin

Bit of a cheeky title that one, as I am not a designer and my suggestions for my book covers so far have fallen pretty short of the mark. I  always know the sort of thing I want but in a vague, non specific way. When it comes to the concrete, I can’t quite visualize it, nor do I have the language to convey my idea to those who can.

I do know however the importance of a good cover.

A great cover tells readers exactly what type of book they are looking at. A thriller will look very different from cozy crime; Chick-lit from a literary work. So finding the right one is vital. A good one draws your target readers, a bad one means they won’t even pick up your book.

Once genre is established, then the next step is convey the feeling of the book. For “Picking up…

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Misha Herwin is over at the Penkhull Press site talking about covers.