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Wicked Women Anniversary Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Wicked Women Anniversary Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky talks to Jenny Barber

Jenny Barber

And today, my lovelies, we’re rolling into the holidays with the author of Wicked Women story ‘This Blessed Union’ – Adrian Tchaikovsky, take it away!

Tell us a little about yourself and what you like to write

Adrian_Tchaikovsky_001I’m that guy who writes about spiders taking over, while rooting for the spiders. There’s more to it as well – my interests include biological sciences, historical combat and gaming of all kinds, but they’re going to put the spider thing on my tombstone. Or you can substitute various things for spiders – insects, aliens, robots, the next wave of human evolution, but I am consistently the champion of the other.

How long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I first started writing (terribly) around age 18 after reading the Dragonlance books and realising that here someone had taken a RPG campaign and turned it into a set of…

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Interviewed by Nancy Hansen on the Writing at Home blog

Today I am interviewed by Nancy Hansen on her Writing at Home blog  HERE


Guest Writer Spots

Guest blogs can be the best way to find those authors who may just be your cuppa!

So join in the fun! Fire up imaginations and spread the word.

Open to all published authors and  artists (indie or trad).  All you need to take part is a new or recently re-published title (2015).

If you would like to join the circle  please do send me you blog on topic of choice (Keep it clean and legal!)

Or else answer my standard Q&A click  HERE

Just about any and all styles and genres considered – BUT no porn,  politics, religion, torture porn.

Part works (trilogies etc.) should include details of previous books.

I shall look forward to hearing from you all!


Interview with Jan Edwards by Fi McVie

Interview on the Fiona Mcvie site with Jan Edwards



Name: Jan Edwards


Where are you from:

I am from Sussex originally, but spent my teens in South London. Welsh mother, Geordie/Midlander father so I’m a bit of a mongrel roots-wise. Currently living in Staffordshire Moorlands with my husband, Peter Coleborn, three cats and a few elderly chickens.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

Jan: That is epic in itself. Let me see— I left school at 15 and had many and varied jobs from stable girl to librarian to motorcycle sales via marker gardener, civil servant and book seller. There were other jobs but life is too short to list them all. Spent almost twenty years as a Master Locksmith (first woman in UK to qualify). I am now a reiki master and meditational healer when not writing or editing.
I gained a BA in English lit later in life; gained a…

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Speculative Fiction Showcase Talks to Jan Edwards

Today I am featured  in a Q&A session for the Speculative Fiction Showcase!Banner01

Answering questions on things as various as cats, teabags and writing!

Guest Writer: Debbie Bennett

RATLINEx2700Debbie Bennett writes the kind of crime thrillers that can chill the blood. Her crime thriller series are tense dramas, placing our grittiest inner city streets and alleyways under the microscope: beginning with Hamelin’s Child right up to the latest publication, Ratline this is fiction for the lovers of dark crime.

Debbie has also written fantasy fiction. She has been a magazine editor and has reviewed all manner of books for a wide variety of sites and magazines.

She posts  regularly on her own  blog  and also posts a regular column for the Authors Electric. Continue reading

Andrew Coulthard interviewed for Urban Mythic 2

Andrew Coulthard’s story “Paradise Walk” appears in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2.

Tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

I’ve always been interested in stories and the fantastic, both as a reader and creator. I wrote lots of tales as a kid and teenager. I also wrote and illustrated a dramatized “magazine” for the fantasy wargames club my mates and I ran in our teens. After that, however, I laboured on and off over the years with one over-ambitious epic manuscript after another until I finally gave up. Then a few years ago I began writing again, only this time I focused on short fiction.

I enjoy writing all sorts of things – fantasy, sci-fi, slipstream/weird fiction, absurdist/surrealistic tales, horror and more. Whatever piques my interest or gives me energy for the moment to be honest.

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