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GF Chocolate Cookies #GF #productreview #wheatfree

lovemore-biscuitI was given a pack of  Lovemore O’Choco biscuits recently.

The best way to describe them would be a form of GF Oreo cookie.  and not being a fan of Oreos the fact that they where not dissimilar is not really a good thing for me personally, though I know Oreos are very popular with some people.

I found this product acceptable if there where nothing else to snack on but not something I would actively seek out as a treat.

Downside:  The biscuits are rather crumbly/brittle and suffer from  the gritty rice flour texture that so many GF baked goods have. Rather bland flavour that is very sweet and lacks a cocoa kick that the dark colouring seemed to promise.



All product reviews are made on genuine purchases.


Something Fishy

imagesWe pick bottles shampoo and gels and other cosmetics off the shelves and worry about e numbers and palm oil and alike. But for some of us there are other hidden factors.

I have a severe fish allergy, which you would think is no huge problem in the scale (!) of things.

Avoid eating fish or seafood – job done. Continue reading

Miss Dilly & co. : Revenge of the Earman

ya booYesterday Oberon was not well. He moped around the place with head on one side and plainly had an earache. I got some drops for him. On application he shot off with a banshee howl and vanished out into the garden for several hours to sulk. Continue reading