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December 2017

Here we are with the last of my infrequent newsletters for 2017.

Moving house took up a great deal of the year so my output was not what it might have been but by far the biggest event was the launch of my crime novel, Winter Downs. My maiden voyage into crime fiction at novel length.  Winter Downs is a golden age crime set in January of 1940 where a body is found on the snow-covered Sussex Downs.

In the realms of short fiction ‘Taste of Culture’,  was reprinted in In the Footsteps of Dracula, Pegasus publishing. ISBN 978-1681775340 (First appeared in The Mammoth Book of Dracula 1997.)

I was lucky enough to have two Sherlock Holmes stories in print this year,

‘Curious Case of the Sweating Horse’, MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories VII: Eliminate the Impossible: 1880-1891, MX Publishing, ISBN: 978-1787052024

‘The Curious Case of Mr Marconi’, MX Sherlock Holmes VI, MX Publishing,  ISBN 978-1787050877

Also this year, after many delays and problems, saw the production and publication of Dr Who script, which I wrote along with Sam Stone, Debbie Bennett, Raven Dane, Suzanne Barbieri and David Howe.  The Daemons of Devil’s End, DVD, Reel Time Pictures 2017 ASIN: B06XPHPZG6

This is a 3 disc set. One disc has the film itself, a reprise of the White Witch, Olive Hawthorne character from the 1970s Dr Who story arc of The Daemons; played then and now by the inimitable Damaris Hayman. The other discs are interviews and extras. A must for any Whovian!

Also out this year is the anthology written by myself, Sam Stone, Debbie Bennett, Raven Dane, Suzanne Barbieri and David Howe which retell the DVD action as short stories.

There are two editions:

‘The Poppet’, The Daemons of Devil’s End, Telos Press, 2017,  ISBN: 978-1845839703
which is available from all the usual retailers, and  ‘The Poppet’, Olive Hawthorne and the Daemons of Devil’s End, Special edition 2017, ISBN: 978-1845839697 which is only available from  Telos Press . The special edition has been produced in the same style as the old Target books of the 1970s and contains stills from the original Dr Who sets not previously available.

That is about it for this year. 2018 will see the arrival of the second Bunch Courtney crime novel provisionally titled In Her Defence, plus a few projects that are still too hush-hush to mention as yet! Also with an editing hat on the much awaited weird/horror anthology from Alchemy Press.

Until then it just remains for me to wish you all a Happy Solstice, Good Yule, Merry Christmas and a truly prosperous New Year!


October 2017

Hi Everybody,
It has been a while since my last newsletter! (Well, I did promise they would not be too frequent!) As a plus there is a lot of news to catch up on. A lot has being going in Maison Edwards that are totally unrelated to writing.  Not least of which being a house move which, as is often the case, took a great deal longer than first expected. Deadline after deadline passed us by until the late June move morphed into early September, hence the delay.

This month I have a spooky read offer for you all.

The kindle version of my fantasy/horror collection Fables & Fabrications,  and Misha’s spooky time-slip novel House of Shadows, are reduced to 99p for the whole of October!

In other news?
I shall not bore you with the details of the house move, other than the perplexing need for additional bookcases. Quite how downsizing houses came to that I am not entirely sure. Perhaps writing for a Dr Who spin-off had a ‘bigger on the inside’ effect? Who knows (geddit?)

Speaking of Dr Who, the long awaited Dr Who DVD is now on pre-order. As a 3 disc DVD set from Reel Time Pictures  Olive Hawthorne: The Daemon’s of Devils End and paperback from Telos Books  Olive Hawthorne: The Daemons of Devils End.  There are more signings (though sadly I can’t guarantee I shall make it to all of them.)
GALAXY FOUR, Sheffield, 11th November 2017.  
Book store, Manchester ? TBC 12th November 2017.
THE WHO SHOP, Saturday 18th November 2017
WATERSTONES, Peterborough, Saturday 25th November 2017
WATERSTONES, Lincoln- Thursday 7th December 2017

Moving closer into the city means more events to enjoy and here is a roundup of things to come. Misha Herwin and I shall be organising a Spooky Reads event on the 28th Oct (4pm to 6pm) on the 6 Towns Radio Curtain Call show.
Next month – 11th November at the Gladstone Museum in Stoke on Trent we have another spooky read event!
And of course we have 12th December 6×6 at City Central Library, Hanley, Stoke on Trent
As winter approaches don’t forget my crime novel, Winter Downs.  A perfect Christmas gift. Plenty of good reviews in many places but always room for more.

Also out back in May was MX New book of Sherlock Holmes Stories Vol VI containing my story ‘The Curious Case of Mr Marconi’

And coming to a shelf near you at the end of October –  MX New Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories Vol VII with my latest Holmes adventure ‘The Curious Case of the Sweating Horse’.

I was presented with a contributors’ copy of In The Footsteps of Dracula , a handsome hardback edition from Pegasus Books that is a reprise of the now unavailable The Mammoth Book of Dracula (1997). It contains my short tale ‘Taste of Culture’.

For those of you who write Alchemy Press have a submission window open for a horror anthology to be edited by  Peter and me. For details go here.

That is about all for now. Nice to chat with you all and if you want to chat back feel free via my blog page. Always good to talk.
Best wishes