Brag That Book!

Guest blogs can be the best way to find those authors who may just be your cuppa!

So join in the fun and take the Book Brag Q&A Challenge

Fire up imaginations and spread the word.

All styles and genres are considered, including: crime; horror; fantasy; romance; historical; main stream; literary; western etc etc. BUT no outright porn, politics, religion, torture porn or gore. I reserve the right to refuse a submitted Q&A where the content may cause offence.

The Q&A Challenge is open to all published authors and artists (indie or trad).  All you need to take part is a book published or re-issued within the past year or to be published in the coming few months. Older titles may considered by agreement.

If you would like to join the circle  please do send me your blog on your topic of choice (Keep it clean and legal!)

Or else answer my standard Q&A click  HERE

Part works (trilogies etc.) should include details of previous books.

Postings can be scheduled to suit launches  but may be delayed by 24 hrs if another title Q&A has prior claim.

I shall look forward to hearing from you all!

Post your Q&As







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